5 Reasons People LOVE & TRUST SoCo

5 Reasons People LOVE & TRUST SoCo

What Is So Special About SoCo Plant Power?

Well first and foremost, it’s our dedication to purity, tradition, and science. Every product we offer is made from the highest-quality ingredients worldwide. We use only the most advantageous techniques, that are packed by both scientific research and traditional cultivation methods.

This is what enables us to develop the most organic yet potent plant power available on earth.

SoCo Hemp Extract oil is all about pure, powerful and potent ingredients. We believe in the healing nourishment of plant medicine for everyday functional health to its ability to upgrade our enjoyment of life.

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When You Combine Nature With Science, Powerful Things Happen.
There are 5 key aspects that make our hemp extract oil a trusted and highly valued product in the hemp oil industry.

  1. Developed for over 5 years, our full spectrum CBD has been grown to perfection; so you can enjoy one of the highest quality, full spectrum hemp strains on the market.
  2. Our hemp is hand-cultivated via purely organic methods. That means no harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals. Just pure, health-boosting hemp. We optimally preserve our plant’s beneficial qualities through our specialized, supercritical CO2 methods. This enables the extraction process to be as clean, pure and potent as organically possible.
  3. We cultivated our recipe with the help of hundreds of taste testers; to help create the best organic,delicious tasting hemp extract oils infused to delight your taste buds.
  4. Each step in our processes is backed by science; through lab analysis and tests, ensuring that all of our products are created with the highest industry standards, so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality products on the market. Also, GMP (Good manufacturing practices) certified.
  5. Best of all, each dropper you buy helps to build bridges between communities in conflict. 

The Hemp Industry is evolving rapidly, and we are based at the front lines.

Our Full Spectrum CBD combines Israel’s advantages as a leading international hub for hemp-focused R&D and innovation with Colorado’s front-line position as a global center for hemp growth and production.

What’s the difference between ordinary hemp and full spectrum, check our blog to find out!