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Our Story

After my first daughter was born, I started to become more anxious, a word I rarely used before. Having a baby naturally evokes a healthy amount of anxiety, but it was more than that. I got stressed out when the symptoms of anxiety became physical and that started to interfere with my life. I started to learn more about it, recognized some of the sources, and did look mainly into natural medicine, tried a bunch of different options. That’s how I discovered full-spectrum CBD, which helped me tremendously. Full-spectrum CBD oil is derived from the buds of hemp plants. These cannabinoids interact with the body's natural nervous system, helping to trigger the physical well-being receptors that our body has. I tried a few brands, and quickly realized there was very little consistency in the experience. The physical impact was different between brands, and so was, the mental impact. When I looked into it, I discovered there was a difference in the ingredients list, and most brands used unnatural ingredients. Digging further, I found that the CBD strain, extraction and growing methods were a huge impact on the individual experience. I realized CBD is a blessing, but that currently it is extremely difficult to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and the kind of impact you’re getting. So, I decided to change that, in order to enable those who need CBD to get pure, Colorado-grown CBD, with transparency around ingredients and process, and predictability in the results. 


Plant Power Scholarship

We believe plants have the transformative power to nourish, heal, empower and stimulate. We’re committed to bring our customers wellness through a vetted and curated selection of plant-based products, while bringing education and transparency. All of our products are clean, natural, lab tested and leading in the industry.  

Every month, we select community members who we believe would benefit from SoCo Plant Power but aren't able to purchase by their own means. We're accepting applicants on a rolling basis. If interested, please email us your story and why you need our products at

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