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We put lots of love and take great pride in our
plants. They grow organically with no use of
pesticides, in our beautiful farms in Colorado.
We believe nature offers almost everything we
need to heal our body and mind.


Our research and extraction facilities are
developing elite parental lines, which are then
crossed to create new hemp hybrids. We use
DNA markers and analytic labs to define the
cannabinoid profile of the new hybrids and
select the best performing varieties.

Find your own plant power


Bred to perfection

Our very own Hemp Strain, approved by CDA and cultivated to consistently produce high impact results

Purely grown

Organic, pesticide-free plants.
Straight from the Colorado slopes

Infused to delight

The combination of essential oils produces gentle flavors and scents, making it great on its own or added to food

Crafted for a purpose

Every month, we select clients who we believe would benefit from SoCo but aren't able to purchase by their own means.

From our Community

Delicious Plant Power

Plants have been carrying the force of life for millions of years.
We develop and produce delicious plant-based products that make the healthy choice easy. We use this energy to seed a healthy change in people and communities.

What’s “plant power”?

How do we make the healthy choice easy? By making it taste and feel great, and using it as a force for positive change. We believe the key to living well is choosing what to invite into our bodies and minds. We introduce plant-based products to heal, nourish, energize and elevate the body, mind and consciousness. That’s what we mean by “discover your plant power”.