Purely Grown

Farm to Shelf = Highest Quality

Developed in our own research facilities, then grown and extracted on our farms in Colorado, using sustainable farming practices. We oversee and control the entire process. This allows us to maintain the highest quality products and the best medical-grade CBD oil on the market.

Bred to Perfection

Flavors You Will Enjoy

Designed for foodies, because we’re foodies too! We believe that just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste great. Our delicious flavors have been created and crafted by an accomplished chef. 

Find Your Plant Power

Bred to perfection

Our very own Hemp Strain, approved by CDA (Colorado Department of Agriculture) and cultivated to consistently produce high impact results

Purely grown

Organic, pesticide-free plants. GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) is a pharmaceutical grade certification by the FDA that requires monitoring of the manufacturing process & facilities. This assure the strength, quality, and purity of our products

Infused to delight

The combination of natural oils produces gentle flavors and scents, making it great on its own or added to food. We are working closely with a chef to continue developing delicious CBD experiences.

Crafted for a purpose

We aspire to create a healthy change in individuals & communities through the transformative power of plants. That is why each month we donate our products to people who can not afford to use premium CBD oil on a daily basis. 

From our Community

Relax Your Mind & Body

As our mind and attention are constantly moving from one thing to the next, many times we don’t make the healthiest choices. The healthy option is often inconvenient or not the best tasting one. Our mission at Plant Power is to make the healthy choice easy, and to make it taste and feel great. Each dropper is a moment for you to reset and rebalance.  

It all starts with using the best ingredients, 3rd party lab testing every batch, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Why Plant Power?

We believe the key to living well is choosing what to invite into our bodies and minds. We introduce the highest quality of Full-Spectrum CBD products to heal, nourish, energize and elevate the body, mind and consciousness.  We're foodies so we created chef-designed natural flavors that taste like nature.

Each month we're "paying it forward" and we donate our products to people who can not afford to use premium Hemp oil on a daily basis. Please email us your story at hello@plant-power.io if you think you can fit our program.